Gaffer Tape Rack

Gaffer tape is one of the most useful products in the shop. While “Duct Tape” is the generic term for utility tape there is a huge difference. The glue on gaffers tape is rubber based and leaves no residue when removed and it stick very well to most surfaces. Easy to tear by hand in either direction it is one of those life changing discoveries when you start using it. It also comes in various widths and colors, my personal opinion is that the brand ProGaff is by far the best.

1″ orange on version 1 rack strut

Once you get a few rolls , storage is a pain. Once you add all the other tape in your shop storage is a royal pain. My solution was to create a rack that allowed me to access any roll without having to move a stack of rolls or dig through a drawer/cabinet. My solution was a hanging strut. To get the strut in the center required printing the part in 2 halves and gluing them together. I decided that a 2mm thickness would be adaquate as it would yeild a 4mm strut when assembled. That decision turned out to be a bad one. The struts wobble under the weight of the rolls and the end pieces that are not doubled up sag. The result is rolls fall off unless you are very delicate when using it. Not going to work for me.

You can see some rolls trying to escape (top center) even in this picture

My solution is to massively up the thickness and overall size of the strut. I will also double up on the core length and add a small flange to the outer edge. This will keep the storage density at the expense of having to occasionally move one roll to get to the inner one.

center section is wider and 3x as thick as v1 once assembled the strut is a full 12mm thick

Currently printing v2 set out of miscellaneous color end rolls of PETG. The result will be more colorful than the bland clear ones in v1.

Author: Joe