Donegan OptiVisor

Part 1, Headband comfort

Magnification is becoming a must have item as I get older. I decided to buy “the” brand name when it comes to head mounted magnifiers, Donegan. With a choice of optics that can be swapped out, they have a power and focal length for any task. I went for 2.5x with a 20″ focal length then added an additional 2.5 swing down loupe to one side for very small work.

One temple attachment removed

One thing I disliked almost immediately is the pleather head band. After only a short time it gets clammy because it does not breath well. Thinking this must be a common issue for professionals that wear these all day, I searched for a sheepskin or other replacement. No luck, I’m surprised.

Close up of original band

The stock headband pad has a piece of felt behind it to provide padding and it is adequate for that purpose. Simply taking the old one off using it as a template would be an easy way to go. Since I did not have a good material to make an entirely new one I decided to reline the current one. Using a piece of sweatpants material (the cut off portion of a shortened pair) I laid out the original and used Super 77 to attach it to the original.

Yes, it is inside out.

Since the piece is symmetrical, I turned it inside out so that there would not be a layer of pleather between the felt and the new material. Carefully trimmed the excess material and punched the holes using a set of leather punches. The original plastic push rivets worked to reattach the newly lined version. Since I only wear this for portions of a day and not even everyday , this solution is working great. It feels better immediately and I dont feel like a have a damp red stripe around my forehead when I take it off.!

Part 2, EZ Lens swaps

The next improvement I am going to make is to the way the lenses are held to the visor. The visor comes with the lens attached by 2 small screws and backed with a standard hex nut. Having to use tools to swap between different magnifications seems overly complex. My solution is to replace the hex nuts with threaded ferrules bonded to the visor and replace the screws with thumbscrews to make swapping tool free. An additional benefit is that the risk of dropping the little black nut is eliminated, guess how I thought of that.

Author: Joe