“The List”

Here is the list of things that I am thinking about building. There are no photos to show for any of these yet. Once I start on them and have a detailed description or pictures, I will give them their own page.

I also encourage feedback as to what you would like me to work on next. I have a hard time choosing so if someone wants something particular, let me now and I will move it to the top.

  • 3rd Hand Magnetic Stand
    This is a magnet based clip system that can be positioned in any configuration. It is made by placing a strong magnet on the end of a flexible arm, in this case modular coolant pipe. The other end has an alligator clip used for holding wires and small parts in position for soldering.
  • Die Filing Machine
    A die filer is a machine that holds an oscillating file, think oscillating spindle sander but with a file instead of a sanding drum. This might be dead for 2 reasons. First, it was a very ambitious project that is above my skill level as a machinist. Second, the place I bought the plans from seems to have vanished, they also sold some castings and other parts that are all but required to build this. Not to mention when I hit a snag or an unclear instruction, there is no one to contact for help.
  • Electroplating & Rust Removal System
    I did play with this a bit on a small scale. The idea is simple and a YouTube search will yield a ton of examples. Apply current to two items in a solution and material is drawn to one from the other. Use it to pull rust and surface contamination off of one or use it to deposit nice stuff (copper for example) onto something. I did a 500ml bath test and it worked well. I would like to have a 3l setup that does not need to be built from scratch every time.
  • LED Sequin Pins
    These are cool little light up pins that use the battery as part of the structure. I just like the simplicity of them and I have a stash of sequin LEDs and some coin cells. I will likely make a few of these and give them away.
  • QI Wireless Desk Charger
    I am a big fan of the QI chargers. I had several devices meet their end partially because the USB jack on them broke or became frustrating. I now have a wireless pad on my desk at home, my home workshop and at the makerspace. I cannot remember the last time I needed to plug a wire into my phone. This desktop model will be a bit easier on the eyes and may become something I make to sell. Made of high quality exotic wood it will look better than the plastic pucks I use.
  • QI Portable Charger
    Like the above desktop except mobile. I carry a battery bank in my day pack. I am going to add a lightweight case to it with the QI charger built in. Now if I need a charge while out I can just set my phone on the battery case, no wires needed.
  • Sewing Machines
    I have 2 machines that I would like to service. One is a Necci 535 that could use a full cleaning and oiling. It is an OK machine that I may just replace with a modern mid to low level disposable machine (Singer 4423?) The second is a 1950’s Singer Featherweight that needs a major cleaning, oiling and possibly a motor. The motor may be fine and the gummed up mechanism is what is making it bog down. The Singer is in near mint condition cosmetically and is fully serviceable so there is no question that I will invest in bringing it back to 100%. I will try and do a simple clean and oil on it, if that doesn’t do it then a professional refurbishing is going to happen. I also plan on making a nice case for the lightweight. The original cloth covered wood case is a bit beat but I can use it as a template to make a new one.
  • O Scale Buildings
    I have always liked model trains. Specifically the larger O gauge ones. Since I have built model buildings before I thought I would do one in O scale. A recent trip to Whole Foods Market in Worcester reminded me of a landmark store that used to be there, Spags. The original sign is restored and hanging in the market now. Combining these ideas I want to build an O scale Spags store with a replica light up sign. Might be of interest to a Worcester based model railroader.
  • Laser Cut Drawer Inserts
    I am currently making drawer liners to cover the metal insides. Ultimately for the tools that are permanent parts of the setup I would like to have laser cut inserts. This will keep things from shifting and is a great visual clue as to what is missing or where to put something back.
  • Adafruit TV B-Gone
    While some people look at this and get sinister ideas I thought of those times when I was stuck in a waiting room all alone with Jerry Springer or the President spewing garbage from the TV. I would like to gently turn off the nonsense so I can go back to reading peacefully. I have this kit and built the PCB (sorry no pictures) but it is waiting for a stealthy case that will also hold the batteries. Mini Altoids tin is one of the current candidates.
  • Bluetooth BoomBox
    This started as a wish item for the home shop, a little Bluetooth speaker. I figured I could just make one from a BT enabled car stereo and some speakers. A chance find of an unused and gutted guitar amplifier head at the makerspace kicked the build into action. If room allows, 12v Battery and charger will make this semi portable or at least 110v optional.
  • Robotic Cat, self explanatory
  • Lego Saturn 5 Lego project
  • 3D Printed Transmission 3D printing project
  • Vacuum Forming 24×24 machine from 80/20
  • EDC Bag sewing plan from pdf plans
  • Scale house frame mock up of Maine cabin
  • Lead Acid battery bank in ammo case?
  • Distribution cord string of 4 up boxes 4 cabin
  • Open rc an F1 3D printing project
  • Open quad-copter 3D printed
  • Raspberry Pi Cam in old case
  • Log lamp for living room
  • “ultrasonic” cleaner using batteries and phone vibration motors
  • BoB taillight mount for SuperFlash
  • Workhorse top piece replacement
  • Saw horses HD for cabin construction
  • Volume Knob for PC
  • Speed bump sign for aisle in shop
  • 5 Gallon Dust Collector for Rolling Cart Project
  • Mini “BucketBoss” for sewing items and tools

Author: Joe