Soldering Station

This project has been waiting to come to the “top of the pile” for about 2 years now. I purchased 95% of the materials needed to finish it but got sidetracked onto other things. Since this is taking up an entire bin on my shelf I plan to finish this soon.

Hakko soldering station with some extruded aluminium frame pieces

The idea is to have a one piece portable soldering station that can be moved around the shop consisting of, the Hakko 888, a solder reel holder, a charcoal filter with fan, a LED work light bar and a place to store extra tips etc… I was planning to go overboard with this project from the beginning just because it will be fun. I decided to base this build on 8020 aluminium extrusion for the frame and the nicest Hakko I could afford at the time. Prior to this I was using a very cheap fixed temperature iron and a PCB frying 100/140 watt soldering gun with a tip as big as a pencil eraser.

Since I only want one power cable for all these things I will use an Arduino to control relays for the fan and lights and DIN rail sized power supplies. Momentary contact switches will toggle the fan speeds and turn the lights on and off.

Planning the rough component layout, relays are next
meanwell power supply with a terminal strip attached
110v side of the power distribution block

Electronics will be mounted in the base of the stand under a piece of tempered glass for show. I may add some additional lights there just for bling. Main power will be by a very reliable MeanWell DIN rail mounted power supply. If this gets too crowded I will go with a 20/40 extrusion for the base instead of the 20/20 I have mocked up here. Power supplies may get mounted properly on DIN rail instead of flat in the base, I still have a lot of design options to work out.

hakko soldering station inside frame for visual design concideration
Possible base size and configuration

Author: Joe