Weber MiniGrill

Is there anything that I can just leave alone? No, apparently.

I purchased a small tabletop Weber last spring since I rarely cook for more than a few people. I also prefer charcoal to propane so this is a nice addition to the full size gas grill. But… what if?

Now this project is on the edge of even MY absurd limits. At least this is a cheap one. There was a serious point that this occurred to me. When cleaning and drying this last fall before storing it in the basement I noticed that the hardware that had been exposed to heat was corroded already. The grill was only used a half dozen times and was less than 5 months old. I decided to replace the screws and wingnuts with stainless steel bolts, washers, lock washers and traditional hex nuts, I don’t care if assembly is “tool free”. I have tools.

BoltDepot is a personal demon of mine, don’t tell them but I think I would work there for free. It’s a particular kind of peculiar I have.

I am going to polish the legs of this while I am at it. Why? If you are on this site , you know why.

UPDATE 7/30/19

I gave the legs a quick polish and could see that I was not going to get the results I wanted so I went to plan B.

Plan B

I masked off the bottom portion of the leg where it touches the table and gave the upper part 2 coats of High Temp paint. I used 2000 degree automotive engine paint, grills get pretty hot but not that hot.

The bottom of the legs got treated to 4 or 5 layers of Plasti-Dip. This is the stuff that you use to put the rubbery handles on pliers and other tools. I used black since that is what I had on hand, it comes in a variety of colors.

before dipping

I was still not happy with the results so I took some aluminium tape to make a “polished” band around each leg between the painted section and the rubberized section.

This too was less than satisfactory. I decided to just put a band of yellow gaffers tape over the aluminium and call it done. The entire reason for doing this was to swap out the hardware for stainless steel ones and that part was a success. Time to move on and put this grill back to work. !


Author: Joe