Storage for Pliers

I generally don’t like to put tools in drawers but with space at a premium they are a necessary evil. Pliers in particular take up an inordinate amount of space if you lay them out in a single layer. laying them out in multiple layers is just causing yourself aggravation and ruining your tools to boot. The solution is to stand them on edge. I found a racking system on Thingiverse that looked promising so I printed out a flat end piece and a piece with the spacer.

rendering of parts on a 3d printer
Parts nest nicely so a 4 up configuration was possible

Happy with the results, I set out printing an army of the spacer pieces and a half dozen end pieces because I did not know the final configuration once they were in the drawers.

End piece printed in white PETG

Once the parts were snapped together in groups of 6, some CA glue made them stay. Groups of six were then lightly bonded together to custom fit the drawers.

Knipex section of the drawer

I may change the configuration of the drawer to better utilize space. Tool storage is an ongoing priority as I seek to optimize my footprint usage.

view looking down into fully populated rack
Still too much wasted space for my liking…

This project was made possible by la_mecanique .

Infinite Pliers Rack – As big as you need it – For Toolbox drawer (
by la_mecanique
licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution license.

Author: Joe