Rolling Worktable

Since space in the cube is precious, a rolling table for an extra work surface was needed. The beauty of this is that I can roll it out into the aisle when not in use, and transport stuff around the shop.

Side view of rolling table
Half depth enclosure provides knee room

I had a piece of oak plywood and some 2×4 odd lengths from previous projects. I used the table saw to cut the 2×4’s down to 1.25×2.5, a better size for this and it helped take any warp out of the cheap studs. Each side of the cart has 3 uprights with a bottom rail. Top of the table screws directly into the uprights with drywall screws, this is a working table not fine furniture. Pocket hole screws and glue hold the bottom rail and uprights together. Dadoes in the parts that will hold panels and the carcass is about done. Bottom is built like a simple furniture dolly with 4 cheap Harbor Freight caster wheels as this will not have any serious weight on it. If they become an issue or get sketchy moving stuff around the shop I will upsize them to the rubber tire style.

Back of cabinet with door off
Shop-vac and small compressor storage

The back of the cabinet has a simple panel that slides in from the top and can be lifted out. This space will be lined with sound absorbing material and will house a small shop-vac, compressor and air tank. I currently have a 5 gallon tank, after but once I install the compressor if there is room I will bump that to an 11 or another 5. The idea is to increase the high pressure storage volume so I can draw lower pressure for a longer time between the compressor needing to run. This might let me roll it away from folks if the noise is a concern. Ports on the side will allow me to connect a vacuum hose or air lines. Switches will allow me to turn the units on and off without opening the compartment. Shop vac will exhaust through a silencer chamber then a outlet on the side with a 90° fitting directing it towards the floor. Possibly may mount a pressure regulator there too. Open side with room for my knees has a power strip, a second power strip will do the power distribution inside. I have considered getting fancy and using some of the extra parts I have around to put a deep cycle battery and inverter/charger on this so I can be “wireless” for short periods of time.

Table top with Totoro cartoon burned into it
Just because it will get abused doesn’t mean it can’t be fun

The top is going to get abused as a workbench but I decided to add some graphics to it anyway. I needed a project to practice using the laser to do raster images and this was as good of an excuse as any. I found a Totoro cartoon online and used our laser cutter to etch it into the plywood about the depth of the top ply. Black paint and an artist brush and I had the worlds easiest paint-by-number. A couple of quick coats of spray urethane to seal it against minor spills finished the top.

Edges of the top are covered with gaffers tape right now to prevent splinters, a permanent edge band will be applied later. More to come as I finish the mechanicals and toss a coat of paint on the lower section. Next step will be to mount the shop vac and 3D print the needed panel mount hose connections.

Author: Joe