Hitch Haul Carrier

I got this receiver hitch mounted carrier at a yard sale for 10$. I had some surface rust and a small bent area. Nothing a full tear down and rebuild wont fix. This is worth is since a genuine HitchHaul is over a 100$ now and they are not made of the heavy duty steel this older model is made from.

First up is the hardware. The original looks like they used zinc coated steel fasteners and they had seen better days. BoltDepot replacements in stainless steel ran about 40$, upgraded to NyLok nuts while I was at it.

A full sanding down was the next step and while tedious, it is an important step in getting a good result.

A high quality primer is applied in two coats with a quick sanding after each.

The finish color I chose was a Hammered Iron look , a deep charcoal color with some texture.

Final assembly included some new reflectors and a new hitch pin.

Author: Joe