About Cubicle23

Cubicle23 is the not so clever name from my cubicle assignment at the maker space Technocopia in Worcester, MA.

Hello my name is Joe. I have been a tinkerer my entire life and I hope to share some of my interests with you. Cubicle23 is my cube address inside the fantastic makerspace, Technocopia, in Worcester MA. I moved my small shop, tools and supplies there in the summer of 2018. Technocopia offers a metalworking shop, wood shop, digital design, glass working, laser cutting, vinyl cutting, sewing & leather machines and much more. This made the decision to move from my backyard shed very easy.

Early cube layout
Early cube configuration during build out

The cost of membership and a rental cube space is very reasonable. I justify the cost by looking at the machinery I have at my disposal.  Even if I had the space, I could not afford even the homeowner version of these industrial size and quality tools. A full 4×8 foot cnc router, 4×4  140 watt laser cutter and 4×4 Lincoln Plasma cutter are but a few of the ones that come to mind. A list most of the tools is here.

This site is where you can find out what the latest projects are, when I am streaming and what is coming up for ideas.
Live streams will be mostly weekdays on Twitch , look for @Cubicle23.

After a varied career as the General Manager of a  300k sq/ft warehouse , Chief Technical Officer for a worldwide auto parts chain, to my own web hosting and development business. I am finished working but still want to remain as active as possible.

In 2009 a serious surgical error left me with significant nerve damage issues that you will undoubtedly learn about if you watch the streams as I have to take frequent breaks. The effects can range from barely noticeable to incapacitating.  I utilize natural medicines and meditation to help with it all as hardcore pain medication is not a viable or wise lifelong solution. I hope you will understand the ups and downs & just roll with it like I do.

Joe B

Brain Candy Tour in Worcester MA

Ignore this link. It is a test for download links. Projects that have 3D printing files or blocks of code etc will need a way for users to download them. I am testing the best way to do that.
this is the test link

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